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Made in the U.S.A

Hashier Machine & Fabrication is dedicated to, and producing, the highest quality machined customized fabrications possible. HMF gives our customers the best service and highest quality imaginable with today's state of the art technology. Our excellence in dedicated service and superb communication skills with our customers, leads to the best and most cost effective applications for manufacturing. Faster cycle times, set-ups, state of the art technology, imagination and creativity are all used to reduce manufacturing costs. Reducing costs overall for our customers will never sacrifice quality or innovation, but will provide the best possible cost effective pricing for our customers. Creativity, imagination and artistic design also lead to the best ideas for products with applied applications for the purpose of manufacturing of specialized products. Some of our specialties include one-off parts, prototyping, artistic applications and production methods. Hashier Machine & Fabrication can provide many different types of services, applications and designs needed by our customers and your customers too. Special accommodations can be setup now and for the future needs of our clients. We strive to meet the most cost effective, highest quality solutions in our industry. If you need high quality industry compliant ISO 9000 products and better, then HMF is your choice for all your manufacturing needs.

Browse through our menu's to see our capabilities, capacities, images, quality of processes and applications of our manufacturing. We would be very accommodating to give you a quote for services with advice for all your manufacturing needs and requirements.